Prima Comunicazione is a dynamic company specialized in pre- and after-sale technical and logistic services for the most recent electronic devices

Prima Comunicazione

Prima, services and solutions for the entire product lifecycle. Over 30 years experience in the after-sale management, supporting clients up to the attainment of product certification and in all services related to the end-of-life.


Partnerships and synergies

Partnerships and synergies, that’s Prima’s method to approach business and to provide solutions to manufacturers, a customized and integrated support for innovative and state-of-the-art operating processes.

All levels
of repair

Every kind of services available, from logistics to Micro-BGA reworks



Professional logistics services throughout the Country. We provide fast and safe Supply Chaing solutions in order to make the service as easy as possible for our Customers

Electronics and Telecommunication

Consumer electronics and Telecommunication are the two core business areas where the company boasts a leading position in Italy for its advanced technical services. Its know-how and its important structure make the company the perfect partner for every kind of easy-handling electronic product.


Transparency on economic and financial data is an efficient tool to strengthen confidence and reliability among the parties.


Business’ growth, protection of our corporate solidity, operating efficiency and investments in research and innovation.


Our business model allows to operate as reliable and competitive partner. Our approach is based on the following principles: cooperation, integration, innovation, inclusion and responsability.


Consolidated partnerships that involves the entire service process, from pre-sales to logistics, up to the after-sale services.